Features and Commercial Uses of Light Tables

  • If you want to get any job done at your workplace in an organized way, you need a proper space that would be devoid of clutter and confusion. There are several companies that offer an extensive range of laboratory tables and tilting light tables, which serve great utilitarian purposes. The light tables are primarily known for their dependability, durable quality, and reasonable pricing. (Information credit: https://www.rdm-ind.com/product-category/industrial-work-tables/light-tables/)


    The light tables manufactured and offered by these companies cater to a wide range of workplace requirements and purposes. There are various beneficial attributes of these light tables, durability being one of the primary ones. The light tables are manufactured out of robust industrial components and are thus ideally used for drawing.  These light tables are particularly designed to cater to heavy duty and long term use, in order to ensure that customers get the maximum benefits out of their investment.


    The following are some of the features and beneficial attributes of the drafting light tables manufactured and offered by these light tables:


    • Fluorescent lighting  options with  dimmable features
    • Frosted glass area that can be adjusted  to cater to every individual customer’s specific needs
    • A wide array of top surface options for the client to choose from. Examples are chemical-resilient surfaces as well as plastic-laminated surfaces.
    • Features that can be customized in accordance with the customer’s personal requirements and preferences.


    The following are the various models of light tables manufactured by these industrial companies:


    ü  Deluxe light table equipped with hydraulic tilting top and optional lighted panel

    ü  Tilting light panel that tilts from 0 to 90 degrees

    ü  Standard light table equipped with optional casters, hydraulic lifts and hydraulic tilts

    ü  Deluxe light table with optional bottom access service panel

    ü  Small-sized inspection cart equipped with light panel, optional casters, hydraulic lifts, and containment curbs.


    The Multi-Functionality of Light Tables:

    There are a variety of industrial light tables, each of which is used across the following different types of fields:


    1. Light Tables in Graphic Design: This is one of the most well-known uses of light tables. The even illumination provided by the light table enables the graphic artists to trace the original content with utmost convenience. The original image can be easily traced onto thicker or more expensive and high-quality paper. Thus light tables help graphic artists to create a complete accurate replica image. A light table is ideal for use as it helps them to do their work while sitting.
    2. Light Tables in The Field Of Architecture And Drafting: Light tables are used on a regular basis for the purpose of drafting. As architectural designs require multiple iterations of the same sketch or various alterations of the same sketch, light tables prove to be the most effective and the simplest tool to use. Clients of residential projects rigorously use the light table for every sheet of the project. The draftsman will position the original floor plan against the light table and use this as a basis for all other floor plans that will be created subsequently. The use of the light table thus saves a significant amount of time and elevates the efficiency of the architects while they are creating plans.
    3. Light Tables For Clash Detection: An inspection light table is frequently used in the construction industry in order to draw comparisons among the drawings of various disciplines and detect similarities.as long as the drawings are created using the same scale, they may be positioned against a light table to detect the areas where some of the systems are colliding with some of the others. One of the most common examples of clashes is the piping system from the plumbing sketch conflicting with the duct system of the mechanical plan. The key function of the light table is to enable the different disciplines in detecting any issues, thereby saving both costs and time in the construction of a project.
    4. Light Tables in The Medical Field: An inspection light table is ideal for use in the clinical field. It is generally placed in a vertical position as most medical professional work while continuously moving. One of the most crucial and popular uses of a light table is in the inspection of X-rays in a hospital. Putting the negatives of photographs against the evenly illuminated light table will allow the radiologist to get an accurate x-ray reading of the patient.


    An Industrial light table is one of the most quintessential tools in the workplace of any design professional. These are extremely simple to use and are known for their versatility and durability. With advancing technology, the necessity for light tables to swiftly trace or view a sketch has become of paramount importance. Thus the commercial demand for light tables in multiple fields has been growing steadily over the years.