Path of Exile: Developers say the reason for losing time and ap

  • The new Patch of Exile should only bring some fixes and a nice comfort feature. Instead, the entire process caused an unexpected shutdown of the server for more than two hours, including a half-hour lost game time. The developer stays transparent and explains precisely how it happened.

    Path of Exile's update 3.7.4 means a simple problem: some fixes, and, as a long-awaited extra, the ability to eventually stack the Delve mechanism's POE Currency and fossils. The latter is the main reason for enthusiasm because many different hand-made ingredients occupy a lot of space on the player's chest without stacking. Instead, it shuts down the server and even the rollback of the game's progress.

    However, developers openly turned to the community and acknowledged their mistakes and explained them in detail. Chief programmer Jonathan Rogers also looks at how developers can avoid this in the future.

    After the patch was implemented, the GGG director received a report from Kakao Games, players can only create new characters, but their heroes have disappeared. However, solving this problem by resetting account data has caused many players around the world to lose their fossils. Previously, they didn't have a batch size, but now they did, which means that the rollback didn't take this into account.

    Master Nicole introduced us to the fourth act of Path of Exile in the Azuritmine mechanism, which premiered at the Delve Alliance. There, we collect special POE Trade in the depths of the infinity, which we can use to make items.

    Jonathan then decided to abandon the entire game progress of fossil lost or re-adjusted the new patch. He estimates that if they cancel half-hour of gameplay, then the damage to game economics is less than the loss of all fossils.