FIFA 20's Volta Mode is only coming to the PS4

  • FIFA 20's announcement and the subsequent reveal of the FIFA Street-style Volta mode has got fans excited for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game, but EA has dampened the buzz for the Nintendo Switch version of the game by saying it lacks "any of the big new features."In an interview with Eurogamer, EA confirmed the Switch port of FIFA 20 will be a legacy edition. Explaining what this means, executive producer Aaron McHardy said, "You're gonna get a fresh new look in Switch, with kits and player lists and all of that." However, he went on to say "you're not going to be getting Volta or any of the big new features."

    The new mode will be highly customisable as you kit out your created player in the mode, with a story mode to go alongside a career mode, complete with promotion and relegation  and multiplayer.The mode doesn’t look dissimilar to the ‘World of CHEL’ mode in EA’s own ice hockey game NHL 19. That mode is multiplayer based, with custom players competing in fast-paced pond hockey. Loot box-esque ‘kitbags’ are used to custom your own players in NHL and it will be interesting to see if FIFA 20 follows a similar path with Volta, particularly given the current scrutiny over loot box mechanics. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap FIFA 20 Coins, you can visit our website

    In addition to the early access that comes with pre-ordering the Champions and Ultimate Edition, this year's game will again offer a trial through EA Access and Origin Access. Prior to this year, EA Access was available for Xbox users only. This year, PlayStation owners can subscribe to EA Access as well. Subscribers to the service will get to play the game in full beginning on September 19, which is a full eight days before the official release date.The most significant feature revealed on Saturday was Volta. It's EA's new take on the beloved FIFA Street concept.

    I didn't get to play Volta during my demo, sadly, but I did get to check out a regular match. The first thing I noticed, as is often the case with new FIFA games, is how much harder it is to score. That may have something to do with the tweaked ball physics, which take into account the way your body is facing the goal when you're taking a shot -- you know, just like in real life. I did really enjoy the one-on-one upgrades, too, because it makes it extremely hard to get past defenders like Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk. Even though another player may be faster, their strength quickly comes into play, so you can't just easily run past them.